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Stand Up Paddle Mexico Shop

Stand Up Sayulita Surf Shop

The shop symbolizes the coastal lifestyle of Mexico and supports life’s simple treasures

More than a surf and sup shop and school, Stand Up Sayulita is a culture, community, and a lifestyle.

Stand Up Sayulita ss the premier surf and sup school located in front of the main beach in Sayulita. (STAND UP SAYULITA SURF SHOP) specializes in coastal culture that offers lessons, tours, accompdates private parties, and rentals for surf, sup surf, and stand up paddle. Local bilingual instructors and waterman provide professional services and instruction for all levels of backgrounds. Whether you are beginner, intermediate, or advanced, ( STAND UP SAYULITA SURF SHOP) provides the most unique offerings for your coastal adventures.

STAND UP SAYULITA SURF SHOP provides daily, short term, and long term rental options. Whether you are looking for surf, sup surf, or stand up paddle rentals, Stand Up Paddle Sayulita Surf Shop houses a quiver of the best quality boards that are sure to meet your rental needs. Providing shortboard, longboard, soft top, bodyboard, sup surf, and stand
paddle board rental options.

Daily surf and sup lessons and tours are offered to Punta de Mita area and Los Arcos in Puerto Vallarta. Sign up for one of the daily surf and sup tours to experience the magic of the Mexican Pacific Coastline, explore the famous surf spots in Nayarit and magical sup spot in Puerto Vallarta Islands of Los Arcos, or fine tune your ocean skiłls with one of our professional instructors.

  • Private lessons

  • Personalized tours

  • Big group lessons

  • Private parties

Stand Up Sayulita Surf Shop not only operates as the premier surf and sup school but as a full time surf shop. Inspired by a active coastal life style we supply only the highest quality surf, ocean, and lifestyle apparel and accessories. The shop is consciously curated with apparel that can perform, boutique brands, quality constructed sandals, and Sayulita souvenirs.  The shelves are stocked with chemical free long lasting sunscreens, surf leashes, tail pads, FCS fin systems, and prime Paddles.