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This service is focused on you and all other surfers of different ages so you can learn to catch and surf your first calm and friendly wave. With our advanced surfing teachers you can learn to ride and live the full surfing experience. Our class is an introduction to the basic surfing principals that teach you the safety and basic surfing skills. Sayulita is one of the best places to learn to surf in Mexico.

In La Lancha

One of the best ways to learn to surf is on this beach. Accompanied with our instructors is one of our most recommended services in our shop. This beach always has good waves all year round for people of all ages. Our service includes transportation from our shop to the beach. Located south of Punta Mita. Our instructors are capable of guiding you through every moment inside and outside of the water. This is the perfect beach to ride one of Nayarit’s perfect waves.

Other desinations

Spot 3

This is for the more daring people. If you want to improve you’re paddling Technique and learn to ride a wave on a paddleboard then you’re in the then perfect hands to learn. With our world class SUP teachers. We will make sure you get the best waves of the day and we will give you the best instructions on surfing one of the most famous stand up paddle waves in the world.

Spot 4

Our la Lancia SUP lesson is the high-quality wave on the Nayarit coast. While offering high quality SUP equipment we will make sure you get the best out of your La Lancha SUP lesson. La Lancha offers 3 points to surf. A right a a-frame and a left. With our SUP coach, you will be stoked after this experience.